Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New doll Finished

It Was A Dark and Stormy...Doll
I sat down last night and decided that I needed to work this doll up. I started by glueing on a small clay face cab and 3 matching buttons with the shankes removed. I beaded it up using Size 8 Hemitite colored seed beads, size 6 Black Seed beads and 3 mm Cube beads in Black. I accented it with a silver face bead and 2 silver beads on the bottom. She measures approx. 6.5 inches total length. It was a great feeling to get a doll worked up after such a long brake from them.


{Daydreamer} said...

Cool doll!
Pinky :P

WickedOakDesigns said...

Thanks a ton. i really enjoyed working on it.