Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Totally off the Bead topic...

...a bit of a rant. Sorry all, but I feel a need to say something. My Sister in Law is getting married in October and has been working very hard to plan everything and get things ordered in. She came across a site for Brides Maid Dresses and thought that they were getting a good deal and a price break for ordering 5 dresses. So she placed the order, waiting for them to arrive, and was filled with total disappointment. They ordered in Dress in Champagne and what they got were dress in Ivory, an exact match for the Brides Dress. They contacted the seller, sent a ton of photos showing that the dress were the same color and that they were not what they ordered. The company sent them a new color chart that listed Ivory as Champagne and told my SIL and MIL that they had indeed been sent the right color. They fought to get a refund or exchange, to no avail. So we are trying to sell off the useless dress and have found new ones to replace them with.

The web addy for the company is: http://www.cathaybridal.com/
They also go by Cathay Collections and are run by Boris Yan. They do not tend to answer emails or their phone if you call or write with questions. My MIL has filed a complaint with the BBB about them.

So please be care full out there is Cyber Space when shopping for larger ticket items.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, no option possibly to have them dyed the color you need??? That might save some money for everyone. The bridal store "lost" one of my DD's bridesmaid dresses. First they told us this "has never happened before" but they could guarantee us it would be here before the wedding (6 weeks). I asked how they could know this if they had NEVER had this experience before. Didn't even give us free alterations! Teri

WickedOakDesigns said...

Nope since the dresses were Polyester, we couldn't guarrenty that any dye would take right to any of the dress without them getting ruined. We found some great new dress that totally put the other ones to shame. Will try and get some great photos and post if I can.